About Us

SMACNA, the Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors National Association, is an organization of Union Sheet Metal Contractors who design, build, service and install heating, air conditioning, ventilation and sheet metal systems for residential, commercial, industrial and institutional applications. The Inland Northwest SMACNA contractors are recognized industry leaders for quality work, safe jobs and maximum value.

The combination of quality union apprenticeship program; a reliable and highly skilled labor force; and the professionalism of the most experienced contractors in the industry, provides assurances that when you hire a SMACNA contractor, you're hiring a contractor that has been setting the standard of quality in Eastern and Southern Washington, Eastern Oregon, and Northern Idaho.

The members of Inland Northwest SMACNA are signatory contractors of the Sheet Metal Workers Local 55 which ensures that they employ highly trained and skilled craftspeople. Their support of the local Sheet Metal Joint Apprenticeship and Training (JATC) Program means that pool of talent will be here in the future.

Inland Northwest SMACNA provides its members with the latest training, information, and services vital to maintaining their edge in the sheet metal industry. Working alongside member contractors through educational programs and industry-specific committees, SMACNA helps member contractors improve their businesses, while elevating the entire sheet metal industry.